Z=4 Innovative High Performance End-mills

/ Low Alloy Steel

/ Stainless Steel

/ High Temperature alloys and titanium alloys

HPC Shark Line | The new end mills generation by Cerin Spa

Machining cost reduction thanks to the new Cerin HPC end mills, designed and developed to maximize MRR in low and high alloy steels, stainless steels, Titanium and Nickel alloys.

Reduced down time for tool change. Finishing at roughing feed now is possible.

Benefits of the new Shark Line

  • Maximum Material Removal Rate

  • Vibrations free

  • Roughing and finishing with the same tool

  • Excellent chips evacuation

  • HPC Shark Line Products Range

    New generation multilayer coatings

    The geometries, the base material, the coatings are specifically developed for three large families of metallic materials.

    Irregular teeth divisions
    and optimized flute profile Uneven helix

    HPC Shark Line Catalogue

    Download the complete Catalogue:

    Cerin Catalogue


    PDF Version - 2Mb

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